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5 Things: Flying hassle free with CBD

5 Things: Flying hassle free with CBD

5 Things: Flying commercial airlines with CBD without hassles

There’s no denying the fact that CBD oil is becoming a very popular alternative with lots of people. Recent changes in the TSA’s flying regulations have started to reflect this movement.

None the less, those traveling with CBD oil could still encounter some problems, depending on the source of the product, states they’re traveling in, and individual circumstances.

If you are thinking about taking cannabidiol with you on your next trip, these tips can help:

1. Bring the Certificate of Analysis

All reputable CBD oil providers will have a Certificate of Analysis or CoA. The CoA is a lab test conducted by a third party and it confirms the chemical composition of your product, including the THC concentration. Traveling with this certificate is a good idea because it can help you prove that your product stands by local and federal regulations.

2. Packing and Transport

Like all liquids, CBD oil must be packed according to the TSA’s requirements. Packing your oil separately or wrapping it in your clothes will not help and won’t look good. Instead, make sure the bottle is placed in a plastic bag along with your other liquids.

Keep in mind as well, any liquids you are flying with in your carry on must be below 3.4oz, so 1oz tinctures will be ok, but if you have any larger bottles leave them behind. Also, CBD vape pens are allowed according to the TSA but for vape pens they specifically want you to keep those in your carry on. This is likely to keep the device from being in a low-pressure area for too long.

3. Research the State You’re Visiting

Contrary to popular belief, federal law doesn’t automatically trump state legislation. To avoid any potential problems, take the time to research the location you’re visiting. States like Texas and Florida have tough laws against CBD, so knowing the local rules will help you make the best choice.

4. Carry Prescriptions and Relevant Documentation

Having a prescription or some form of relevant documentation can also save you a lot of hassle when flying with CBD oil. This is especially important for parents of children taking Epidiolex, the CBD drug that has the FDA’s approval.

5. Stay Calm and Don’t Argue with TSA Agents

The TSA is clear that each individual agent has the final decision on whether you’re allowed to keep your CBD or not. Regardless of the decision, avoid arguing with the security agents as it will likely make matters worse, especially if you get hung up on the technical aspects of the legality of hemp.

 Following these tips will hopefully make your next trip with CBD more enjoyable!


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