Proprietary Hemp Extract CBD – Gold Label (240mg, 720mg, 2400mg)

Proprietary Hemp Extract CBD is ideal for those looking to take CBD oil without any added ingredients. Due to not having added ingredients, CBD concentrates are as the name suggests, highly concentrated CBD oil and are some of the strongest products on the market.

The Gold CBD concentrate is a CO2 extracted hemp oil with a phytocannabinoid concentration of 24%-27%, therefore, contains about 240mg-270mg CBD per gram. They are available in 3 convenient sizes, allowing for up to 300 servings!

  • 1 gram / 240mg-270mg CBD / 30 servings
  • 3 grams  / 720mg-810mg CBD / 90 servings
  • 10 grams / 2400mg-2700mg CBD / 300 servings