Therabis Up & Moving CBD for Dogs

As they age, discomfort from hip dysplasia, back issues and joint immobility in dogs can become more and more common. Which is why our core formula of natural hemp oil, green lipped mussel, Vitamin C, Chromium, and Vitamin E comes together to keep your pet Up and Moving. We’ve seen it help dogs when they have difficulty walking, going up stairs, or jumping. 

Studies have shown natural hemp oil can interrupt your dog’s inflammation response in two ways. First, some of its natural compounds primarily interact with receptors that detect injury or foreign materials, thereby reducing the amount of inflammatory messenger molecules released into the body. Fewer messenger molecules equals greater mobility. Second, hemp oil has been shown to increase the levels of other compounds in your dog’s body that are responsible for ending the inflammatory response.

    Up and Moving is available in three sizes.

    Small dog  (Up to 20 lbs.) – contains 3mg CBD hemp oil per packet
    Medium dog  (21-59 lbs.) – contains 5mg CBD hemp oil per packet
    Large dog  (60 lbs. or more) contains 7mg CBD hemp oil per packet


    • Natural hemp oil
    • Green-lipped mussel
    • Vitamin C
    • Chromium
    • Molasses
    • Hemp powder
    • Natural flavoring